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Registration Instructions: 

1. Click on "Go ENG Girl" OR "Go CODE Girl" for event registration. These events are free and open to girls in grades 7-10.

  • Please note, Go CODE Girl events run January - March each year
  • Please note, Go ENG Girl events run October - December each year

2. To find your location, select a province from the drop-down menu, then select a location, then click Register. 

3. Login/Create Account 

4. If you are a returning registrant, please click on "Returning registrants, please update your profile." to complete the registration process.

  ***Please note: Registration on this website includes both a parental permission form and the online event registration form. You must complete and submit both to be registered for an event***


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Students interested in registering for Go CODE Girl at the following locations please proceed directly to their registration websites:

University of Calgary: 

Carleton University: (February 5, 2022) Register Here

McMaster University: (January 29, 2022) Register Here

University of New Brunswick: (March 2022 Date TBD) Registration Coming Soon

University of Northern British Columbia: (2022 Date TBD)  Registration Coming Soon

Ontario Tech University: ( February 5 and  March 5, 2022) Registration Coming Soon

University of Ottawa: ( 2022 Date TBD) Registration Coming Soon

Ryerson University: (March 26, 2022) Register Here

Ryerson University:  (April 2, 2022) Register Here 

Simon Fraser University: (2022 Date TBD)  Registration Coming Soon

University of Victoria: 

University of Windsor (February 12, 2022): Register Here 

University of Waterloo (March 5, 2022): Register Here

York University (March 5, 2022): Registration Coming Soon